Life is Forgiving

Have you ever found yourself repeating the same thing over and over and over again...and you can't figure out why?


Do you wish you were more efficient with your time during the day so that you have more time to enjoy life, but no matter what program you use nothing seems to work?

Are you someone who makes good money, but at the end of the month you don't know where it's gone...?


Have you ever wished you were attracting more ideal clients into your business, but find nothing seems to be working for you?

If you answered "YES!" to any of these questions, you likely have an

Unresolved Conflict!

There's good news!

The answer is as simple as Forgiveness!

Make the impact you want to make in your life and business free of the emotional baggage from your past.

The Forgiveness Guy's coaching will help you offload that emotional baggage and achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.



Rob Scott is a certified expert on forgiveness and finding unresolved conflicts in people's lives that are negatively impacting them. He's helped many clients achieve life transforming results and is on a mission to help the whole world through the science of forgiveness.


Bekah - Licensed Counselor

Allen - Business Owner

"Things have come up that I had NO IDEA were an issue. I feel so much lighter and that huge walls have come down and that I can start moving forward more quickly with my goals. This truly is an amazing experience that I think everyone can benefit from!!" ~Lynee

"Rob has helped me immensely in recognizing past trauma and recognizing scenarios that both I and other doctors have completely misdiagnosed before.

This. is. the. best. therapy. I've. ever. gotten.

I'm so blessed to have met the The Forgiveness Link team. It is extremely helpful (almost necessary) in getting my life back on track, despite what other doctors have told me over the years. ~Zack

"I reached out to Rob to see if he could help me with financial issues I was having and how they were impacting my health, emotions, and results in life.

Not only was Rob able to uncover the unresolved conflicts from my past that were keeping me in a financial rut, but through Forgiveness we were able to resolve those conflicts and create new healthy patterns in my life. We’ve gone on to address and positively transform more areas in my life and in my business.

The huge positive strides and accomplishments I've been able to achieve in the past few months has been a direct result of working with Rob, The Forgiveness Guy. If you have the chance to work with him, I strongly recommend it. Your finances and your life will be better for it!" ~Allen

Before my session, I expected myself to be perfect in every way and with every word I said. When I did make a mistake, then I was extremely hard on myself. After finding the source of my perfectionism in my session with Rob, I'm now able to have grace for myself. I am able to accept that I will make mistakes. When I do make a mistake, I am able to shake it off. If you want to get to the bottom of the negative patterns of behavior in your life, I highly recommend working with Rob and at The Forgiveness Link. ~Renne

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