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What does a session look like?

A forgiveness session looks a lot like two friends talking. We will briefly discuss what you would like to focus on first based on the information you provide before we meet. Whether its business growth, career, finances, relationships, chronic pain, trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, etc., we will determine what your top priority is and tackle it in your first session.

Then the next few minutes are spent identifying what major unresolved conflict is negatively affecting your focus, and find what patterns and emotions are connected to this conflict through a targeted technique called EPT (TM) or Emotional Polarity Technique (TM).

Using this technique, we then fix the negative emotions being stored in your body and use the science of forgiveness to bring about permanent healing and change in your life.

Each session is unique to your specific needs, beliefs and your identified focus. A typical session lasts an hour and you will likely experience some notable relief afterwards. We will then discuss a recommended plan based on your goals for healing and growth.

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