Do you ever...

  • Fly off the handle at the tiniest thing?
  • Have constant voices in your head telling you you’re not good enough, will never be successful, etc?
  • Struggle with how to deal with that irritating relative or co-worker that just gets on your every last nerve?
  • Keep record of the the many mistakes you or others have made?
  • Felt out of control with your emotions?
  • Struggle with bad habits that you just can’t seem to break?

Introducing The Forgiveness Lifestyle

A Group Forgiveness Coaching Program

What price would you put on the ability to create greater financial abundance for yourself? How about preventing stressful situations or having better relationships? Or finally having the ability to believe in yourself no matter what?

Most coaching programs focus on each of these areas separately, charging upwards of $500/month or more not to mention a significant time investment. But they all miss out on this one skill that makes everything else really STICK.


Forgiveness itself may not be revolutionary, but the skill of putting it into practice is nothing short of a LOST ART that is necessary for growth and achieving your life goals. And while those other programs are all well and good, if you don't learn how to eliminate & prevent the bad habits and patterns that got you where you are in the first amount of constructive steps and programs will bring about the life-changing results you want.

Should we be charging $500/month or more? With results like the ones our clients have had, yes. Absolutely! But this is our special introductory rate of $197/month that you can remain locked in to as long as you stay a member, no matter what rate increases occur for anyone else!

What's Included?

  • Monthly Forgiveness Coaching Calls with #theforgivenessguy
  • 1 FREE Forgiveness Session per quarter
  • Exclusive VIP Facebook Group
  • Access to replays of past calls
  • Monthly newsletter
  • LIFETIME Membership*: Lock in your price and be grandfathered in to ANY future added features

*Starting membership price is guaranteed until membership is cancelled.


What is Group Forgiveness Coaching?

Group Forgiveness Coaching is designed to educate clients on how to use forgiveness in their day-to-day lives as they encounter different emotions and the triggering words/events that cause them to feel those emotions. Group members will learn how to utilize Recognize, Forgive, and Reframe (RFR) in their daily lives so that they can diffuse the emotions and respond to life in a healthier manner. It is designed to be collaborative.

What is RFR?

RFR stands for Recognize, Forgive, and Reframe. This is how we start changing how respond to challenging situations and relationships in our lives. Recognizing when we are reacting with our emotions in an unhealthy way is the first step in bringing about change. Forgiveness allows us to address and let go of the emotions, patterns, and beliefs that are showing up in the moment. Reframing is the last step where you tell yourself how you will show up going forward in the situation with better emotions, patterns, and beliefs.

What is the format for this program?

Group Calls are conducted via Zoom. Each call will feature a certain emotion or topic (ex: anger, depression, etc). During the call, participants will learn more about the topic and how it can show up in typical situations or reactions in the body. Then Rob will coach all participants through RFR to equip them in handling their own similar situations in relation to the emotion/topic in their day-to-day lives.

How often do group calls take place?

Live group calls will take place once a month. Members have access to all replays plus a community Facebook group for continued conversation and support throughout the month.

Will I have to "air out my dirty laundry" in front of the group?

No. Group coaching does not address nor pry into the personal experiences or history of anyone in the group unless members voluntarily share it. Your coach will provide generalized example. Collaboration is encouraged when working through the RFR process by helping supply possible scenarios that pertain to the topic, providing ideas for areas that need forgiveness, and helping each other with affirmation and encouragement.

What Others are Saying...

"I've always been known as a softy at work. About a week after my session I was able to confront somebody that I had never been able to confront before and finally stand up for myself." ~Michael

"I honestly didn't think this was for me. But when I was feeling stuck in my business, Rob helped me find and release a negative pattern in my life that dates back 5 generations! Now I feel so free and unblocked!" -Joelle

"The huge positive strides and accomplishments I've been able to achieve in the past few months

has been a direct result of working with

Rob, The Forgiveness Guy." ~Allen

"Using forgiveness to mitigate and eliminate the negative emotions and actions surrounding the traumas of my

past really works!" -Jamie

"Rob helps to uncover not only other areas of forgiveness to offer, but most importantly, also to yourself. It's amazing how this grows inside you and truly hinders you in so many areas. I had to step outside of my "norm" to see what this was all about, and I'm very glad I did. I highly recommend you do the same." -Billy

"Best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Rob and what he practices is amazing. It saved my life." -Michelle

"This therapy is more than I ever could have hoped for. I've learned so much about myself and it has brought so

much deep healing." -Madison

Rob Scott has personally helped hundreds of people let go, move on, and live a life they never thought possible through Forgiveness Coaching.

Rob has spent years studying communications, personal growth, and relational dynamics. Growing up in a broken family, he is passionate about helping others overcome their past hurts so they can have the life they never thought possible!

Because of his own life-changing experiences, becoming a Forgiveness Coach, and naturally using Forgiveness in his day-to-day life, it has become his life mission to help others see how powerful Forgiveness is for bringing about real, life-long, positive change in your life!

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Membership Includes:

-Monthly Forgiveness Coaching Calls with #theforgivenessguy

-1 FREE Forgiveness Session per quarter

-Exclusive VIP Facebook Group

-Access to replays of past calls

-Monthly newsletter

-LIFETIME Membership*: Lock in your price and be grandfathered in to ANY future added features 

*Starting membership price is guaranteed until membership is cancelled. 

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