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"[My session led to] a really profound insight about some limiting beliefs that I was carrying around and I got some clarity on what direction I wanted to take my business...I'm happy to report that my business is heading in a great trajectory now." ~Wade

"[Rob] really is surgical in terms of getting really REALLY clear on what is going on and letting go of it very quickly so that you're freed up ...there's [none of] this feeling of stuckness and there's a clear view of where you need to go [and] what action you [need to] take ... it's been absolutely life transforming " ~Simon

"Rob was able to, within minutes, pinpoint the limitation that took place in my past and bring it up to the forefront in a manner that was crystal clear [allowing me to] cut the emotional tie that I still had ... Rob was really able to help me transform my emotional and mental state in just a single session" ~Mario

" I have a new sense of self-worth that has given me much more confidence and has really just taught me to approach problems and challenges with a new perspective and to respond in a more proactive way ." ~Leanna

"I honestly didn't think this was for me. But when I was feeling stuck in my business, Rob helped me find and release a negative pattern in my life that dates back 5 generations! Now I feel so free and unblocked!" -Joelle

"In these few sessions I saw more change happen than I have in years of therapy and so I am 100% a believer in what Rob does [and] that healing can happen in just a few short sessions ... it was amazing and I just had never experienced anything like that before." ~Bekah

"I've always been known as a softy at work. About a week after my session I was able to confront somebody that I had never been able to confront before and finally stand up for myself." ~Michael

"Rob unpacked where [my struggles with money were] coming from and it went deep deep into places I could never have imagined [and] never could have done myself. Just by bringing everything to the surface [allowed it to] resolve itself [without] spending weeks or months on the therapist couch ... it was incredibly precise and fast, unpack[ing] a lifetime's worth of negative mindset[s] around money in approximately 90 minutes ." ~Janet

"The huge positive strides and accomplishments I've been able to achieve in the past few months

has been a direct result of working with

Rob, The Forgiveness Guy." ~Allen

"Things have come up that I had NO IDEA were an issue. I feel so much lighter and that huge walls have come down and that I can start moving forward more quickly with my goals. This truly is an amazing experience that I think everyone can benefit from!!" ~Lynee

If you’re a high achiever who is always looking for ways to accomplish more, then you have to go see Rob Scott! I visited Rob for a session and honestly had no idea what to expect. He ended up shining light on some things I had never even thought about. It was like magic. And it made a huge impact on me. In the months that followed, I accomplished more than I had years. My leadership and how I show up got better, and the results followed!

If you want to be at your best, get results, and fall in love with your work again, then call Rob now! ~Jeff

"I reached out to Rob to see if he could help me with financial issues I was having and how they were impacting my health, emotions, and results in life.

Not only was Rob able to uncover the unresolved conflicts from my past that were keeping me in a financial rut, but through Forgiveness we were able to resolve those conflicts and create new healthy patterns in my life. We’ve gone on to address and positively transform more areas in my life and in my business.

The huge positive strides and accomplishments I've been able to achieve in the past few months has been a direct result of working with Rob, The Forgiveness Guy. If you have the chance to work with him, I strongly recommend it. Your finances and your life will be better for it!" ~Allen

Before my session, I expected myself to be perfect in every way and with every word I said. When I did make a mistake, then I was extremely hard on myself. After finding the source of my perfectionism in my session with Rob, I'm now able to have grace for myself. I am able to accept that I will make mistakes. When I do make a mistake, I am able to shake it off. If you want to get to the bottom of the negative patterns of behavior in your life, I highly recommend working with Rob and at The Forgiveness Link. ~Renne

"Using forgiveness to mitigate and eliminate the negative emotions and actions surrounding the traumas of my

past really works!" ~Jamie

"Rob helps to uncover not only other areas of forgiveness to offer, but most importantly, also to yourself. It's amazing how this grows inside you and truly hinders you in so many areas. I had to step outside of my "norm" to see what this was all about, and I'm very glad I did. I highly recommend you do the same." -Billy

"Best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Rob and what he practices is amazing. It saved my life." -Michelle

"This therapy is more than I ever could have hoped for. I've learned so much about myself and it has brought so

much deep healing." -Madison

Rob Scott has personally helped hundreds of people let go, move on, and live a life they never thought possible through Forgiveness Coaching.

Rob has spent years studying communications, personal growth, and relational dynamics. Growing up in a broken family, he is passionate about helping others overcome their past hurts so they can have the life they never thought possible!

Because of his own life-changing experiences, becoming a Forgiveness Coach, and naturally using Forgiveness in his day-to-day life, it has become his life mission to help others see how powerful Forgiveness is for bringing about real, life-long, positive change in your life!

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